A Global Classroom where learners achieve their potential; display’s artistic innovations and inventions; driven by blended inquiry based on the community supported by digital Visual Arts skills and trained professionals in a hovering optimal illusion of space and time.


To teach and provide quality art education through Visual Arts digital skills approaches curiosity and exploration in students’ priorities in classroom strategies to become life long learners in achieving practical and theoretical skills for serving their global environment to accomplish excellent character and become all-rounded individuals extended beyond Visual Arts and their communities.


Integrity and Diversity

The Global Classroom community is a supportive and committed initiative towards individual and artistic integrity and inclusion. A wide range of ideas are promoted, respect, and self- expression diversity in all its forms.

Digital Skills

The Global Classroom while hovering presents the chance to use digital skills in ways of application software, web designing, and hovering practices to enhance browsing capabilities to understand technology in a different way. 

Connections and Collaboration

The Global Classroom connects designs in performing Visual Arts communication and the portfolio individual, outcomes, expanding artistic possibilities and live STREAM, STEM, STEAM through creative collaboration.

Excellence, Creativity, and Passion

The Global Classroom inspires with a focus on excellence while challenging the unconventional thinkers and support dreamers and action takers who are passionate about their creative works to impact society.

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