Author: Rayon Edwards

Due Date: July 25, 2022

Published Date: July 25, 2022

Buyer Persona: An Intended Audience ( Jamaica )

National Environment And Planning Agency. (2021, July 15). JTC & NEPA Training: Environmental Science in the NSC: Air pollution and NEPA’s work [ PowerPoint File]. Google Classroom.


The very air we breathe. The reckon role of agencies and other units in air pollution management and protection in Jamaica: The air quality and monitoring by N.E.P.A; The depletion of the Ozone Layer; The local and international monitoring in ambient air; While management of air pollution increase growth in plants and other source; And; The factories and industries are shot down because coronavirus cases are increasing and preventing people from living off fossil fuel.

        The pollutants in our air becomes worst by their prevention laws while monitoring and managing the responsibilities of protecting the very air we inhale. 
        National Environment and Planning Agency (N.E.P.A) contributes to the protection of the atmosphere through the following areas: air pollution monitoring through Air quality Management Branch. Managing of the ozone depleting substances through implementing the Montreal Protocol and the Kigali Amendment-National Ozone Unit. If the laws in air pollution is simply to prevent pollution, then why reducing or eliminating waste at the sources is becoming worst or hard to accomplish? pollution prevention can mean source reduction by targeting the gullies and the sewages and drains. It gets even worst when people try to eliminate their garbage's by burning them leaving hazardous gases to enter our air space. If they think the pollution can not be prevented no matter what laws they can come up with; it best to reduce it, recycled what can be recycled and treat in a safe feasible responsible way or just leave it to the professionals.
          According to The Clean Air Act, 2004; There are noxious and or offensive gases. If one should release any harmful substances in to the environment has a way to monitor and manage the inhalation of un-fresh air; the  committee shall give to the owner and to any other persons interested notice of its intention to make the order and the date on which it proposes to publish the order in the gazette.(5) Subject to the provisions of section 7 any owner of any affected premises who contravenes the provisions of any order made under subsection (2) shall be guilty of an offence against this act. The reckon role of (N.E.P.A) and units in air pollution management and protection in Jamaica land of wood.

           The reluctances of showing any management of Ozone-depleting substances released in Jamaica air during the COVID-19 era. The only depletion orchestrated is the humans destroying the monitoring machines to gain profit and to recontinue things that is not happening in its current state, it is best to leave the monitoring machines to work on their own instead of cash for gold or scrap metal. In 1987, the Montreal Protocol was signed by 197 countries. This protocol was established to facilitate global cooperation in the phasing out of ozone depleting substances. It regulates the production and consumption of 100 man-made chemicals that have been designated as Ozone depleting Substances.
           Ozone layer depletion increases the amount of UVB that reaches the Earth's surface that affects the photosynthesis developmental process of plants and so we are protected less by the sun's rays and exposed more to the radiation. This means the more people walk or ride a bicycle the better it is to avoid the consumption of gases dangerous to the ozone layer due to the gases being release from the garage next-door, buses, cars and trucks or a burning monitoring machine down by Riverton City. Individuals not wearing mask during COVID-19 causing the rapid increase of cases in the island.
          According to the International Journal Of Environmental Science and Development, 2011; The most common stratospheric ozone measurement unit is the Dobson Unit (DU). The Dobson Unit is named after the atmospheric ozone pioneer G.M.B. Dobson who carried out the earliest studies on Ozone in the atmosphere from the 1920s to the 1970s.A Dobson Unit measures the total amount of ozone in an overhead Colum of the atmosphere. Dobson Units are measured by how thick the layer at 0 degrees Celsius and with a pressure of one atmosphere above it. The reckon role of (N.E.P.A) and the (N.O.U) in air pollution management and protection in Jamaica land of wood and air.

          Insignificant ambient standards poorly regulated for natural clear air that cause a rapid increase of coronavirus, COVID-19.The World Health Organization (W.H.O) defines ambient air pollution as potential harmful pollutants emitted industries, households, cars and trucks. Ambient air is atmospheric air in its natural state, not contaminated by air born pollutants. Ambient air is typically 78% nitrogen and 21% oxygen. The extra 1% is made up of a combination of carbon, helium, methane, argon and hydrogen.
          Ambient air pollution and COVID-19 incidence during case surges in our island shows statistics of deaths but very limited evidence that nitrogen dioxide or any other gases mentions caused this pandemic toll. 
          According to research; regression analysis showed that ground-level ozone is positively correlated with country-level mortality rates regardless of weather confounders are controlled for. Nitrogen dioxide is also shown to have a direct relationship with county-level mortality rate, except when all confounders are included in analysis. High ground-level ozone and nitrogen dioxide concentrations contributed to a greater COVId-19mortality rate. The reckon role of (N.E.P.A) and the (N.O.U) in air pollution management and protection in Jamaica land of wood and air and water.

          The Management of air pollution increase growth in plants, nitrogen, carbon dioxide and slows climate change for a cooler summer.

           The increase-less driving to work, of positivity rate in coronaviruses is climbing, the trees are drying up, people having issues breathing air and heat stroke and heart disease is on the rise