[ Title Of The Post-Overview Of Getting To The Foundation: Strategies For Exciting Reluctant Learners ]

[ The base of interest does not go in one direction. one can take away a classroom chair and it would still be improving the lack of interest shown by other students. Fun is not necessary, nobody needs to hear what you have to say nor whatever you say is not important. The only thing that matters is improving the lack of interest and wait while observing because change too is voluntary. Choice.

So What if the mind think fun is real and you don’t. The real factor surrounding diversity and individual identity is happiness. The character of Fun-personal, temporal, situational and so is dancing while my arms and legs are missing but yet you see that has fun. You have to see the true meaning of happiness when someone get something and is happy. They are just happy and that’s enough. No delight, challenge, immersion, autonomy can change happiness. Teacher help students to find something they are good at, and they stick to it and it becomes something they love. Students don’t love routine, long term outlook, authenticity, or relationships, humans just want to know that you are there; always existing virtually and physically and that you are their for them. I don’t see interest in novelty, games or competition; these things only make people get hurt.

when you learn how to understand happiness then you will understand that caring for a human being is more than just kindness. It is a way of doing positive things, things that won’t hurt people and their feelings and so a positive learning environment will begin to grow, not because of fun but because the heart of the teacher is their keeping the spirit alive. Showing Kindness is a positive choice that an individual will have to make to reduce fun and increase acceptance and belonginess…so being mean is a secret. they will find their happiness. secreart ]