For this activity, you will create a learning activity that makes use of
drama and/or music. You will need to choose a grade, a subject, a topic and learning objective(s) in order to complete the task. Here is the task:

(a)    Develop a learning activity that makes use of drama and/or music. In the activity you develop, music and/or drama must either amplify or reorganize your teaching. It should not be a conveyer (6 marks).

(b)    State the role music and/or drama play in the activity – does it amplify or reorganize? Explain why you say so (4 marks)

Make sure you include the grade, subject, topic and learning objective(s) when submitting your response.

Subject: Visual Arts

Grade: 7

Topic: Space

Sub-Topic: Negative and Positive Space

Unit-Title: Elements Of Arts

Specific Objective: Be able to organize and demonstrate their selected negative and positive space works of art while using music and drama.

E-Designs: Evaluation

Classwork and Homework Grades: Use their works created in the elaboration stage to organize what they have learnt through feedback from the grades, points and rewards through listening to music from television and watching videos to accept their expectations and demonstrate expressions to over come their acceptance of feedback or results. Rewards or grades will show emojis, stars and motivational quotes or words to help with understanding their level of reward.