Secondary Education-Level Two

The Global Classroom


A global classroom where learners achieve their potential; displays artistic innovation and innovation; driven by blended inquiry based on community supported by digital visual arts skills and trained professionals in an hovering optimal illusion of space and time


To teach and provide quality art education through visual arts digital skills approaches, curiosity and exploration in students priorities in classroom strategies to become life long learners in achieving pratical and theoretical skills for serving their global environment to accomplish excellent character and become well- rounded individuals extended beyond visual arts and their communities


Digital skills:

“The Global Classroom while hovering presents the chance to use digital skills in ways of applications software, web designing and hovering pratices to enhance browsing capabilities to understand technology in a different ways.”

Integrity and diversity:

“The Global Classroom community is a supportive and committed initiative towards individual and artistic integrity and inclusion. A wide range of ideas are promoted, respect and self-expression diversity in all forms.”

Excellene, Creativity and passion:

“The Global Classroom inspired with a focus on excellence while challenging the unconventional thinkers and support dreamers and action takers who are passionate about using their creative works to impact society.”

Connections and collaboartion:

“The Global Classroom connect designs in performing visual arts communication and the portfolio individual, outcomes expanding artistic possibilities and live through creative collaboration.”

” The visual arts gives an opportunity to offer a unique space for self affirmation and refelction…” – Visual Arts Producer

Visual Arts

Term One

When Delivery this term in blended approaches and using other techniques in visual arts education; the Teacher must have a collection of selected art pieces from which students will choose; the teacher must have an understanding of the twentieth-century art movements in order to guide the students into identifying their characteristics in artworks;…

Visual Arts

Term Two

Adequate measures must/should be mandated and implemented relating to specific definitions of unit-titles and other visual aids; the teachers should be guided by the fact that anatomical differences will determine major differences in features; present samples of the actual pieces or a virtual collection to simulate the interest of the students and inspire them;…

Visual Arts

Term Three

When seeing that units are taught well; stop and wait a minute and think about the delivery of these specific unit-titles while understanding the true meaning of the unit-titles; have an understanding of the different computer aid design software’s; offer a diverse medium in the linoleum cut/ engraving print making techniques; have an option to focus either on surface;…

” The visual arts enhance creativity and is an infinite and enduring resource, one to draw upon in both the most joyous challenging of moments. The visual arts strengthen our community togetherness, create a new means of connection and understanding, and offer a continuous, powerful, and resilient source of individual and collective identity…



Let’s make something beautiful together.