[ Title Of The Post-Overview Of Getting To The Foundation: Strategies For Exciting Reluctant Learners ]

[ The body of your post uses a half-inch first line indent and double- spaced; The Purpose for participating in this course is to understand diversity and individual identity of the learners though: The ways fun can be attained in the visual arts learning community; The fun and strategies has evidence in behavior for visual arts; The increase of reluctant learners in their courses does not affect visual arts education and; The strategies for exciting reluctant learners are hardened conventionality While; The diversity and individual identity is the essence of reluctant learners to established their own foundation. ]

[1st sub-heading-Thoughts In Understanding Diversity And Individual Identity Of The Learners in Visual Arts] [How Much -games. Throw some light on the importance of individual identities as they relate to some communities both in the schools and the subject areas. Teachers play an important role in understanding learners’ identities. it is time to rethink a one-size-fits- all approach to education. Like a D.N.A which can not change but still observable by character and traits seeming more than a plan of action. By developing an understanding of students’ identities in relation to their family, local and global communities’ knowledge and identities, we develop a starting point for an education system that works from students’ strengths and knowledge, and adapts teaching and learning to support and reinforce people’s identities as learners.]

[2nd sub-heading-The ways fun can be attained in the visual arts learning community]

[how much-sports-Recognizing learners’ identities is the essence of man kind outcome in educational engagement and developing approaches to delivering education that align with students’ identities can improve the engagement of many learners because they are a part of global, local and professional communities that helps with delivering the positive reinforcement for students. Students are given rewards like grades in percentages with emojis and teachers comments has fun- activities that are enjoyable or amusing, after completing visual arts task,]

[3rd sub-heading- The Fun and Strategies has evidence in behavior for Visual Arts]. [How much-events-Non-accredited facilitators and assessors can undertake the roles as professional portfolio developers and statement of intent teams seen to have a wealth of knowledge and experience in their content area and are accepted as understanding the norms of the community and the context in which people will be working. The learner learns from recognized experts and from peers and persons who are good with animals, cars, children, assets, gifts and talents and families where they learnt the correct way and is able to transfer knowledge in to local relevant situations. Students does extra- curricular activities in their spare time that includes visiting the art room and taking part in the art activities, career day, open day and psycho social events for fun-, they also learn lesson from visual arts strategies-an elaborate and systematic plan of action, used.]

[4th sub-heading-The increase of reluctant learners in their courses does not affect visual arts education]. [How Much-tech- partnerships with community members can also offer valuable learning experiences for educators in educational institution and the curriculum team, or course writers because the makes the potential to affirm everyone’s identity as valued and essential participants in knowledge construction and expression through peer conversation, workplace-based action learning and the local community. and reflective pioneer in the field so that the local resources and networks can support educational opportunities and create links to activities that are recognized locally and valued as learning for reluctant learner-According to Joyce M. Herzog; ” a student that is not interested in what the teacher is teaching and consequently, not able to learn within the time-frame nor manner of presentation provided”]

[ 5th sub-heading-The strategies for exciting reluctant learners are hardened conventionality ].[How much-pro-To refine and better understand the knowledge and learning practices that operate in the community and the classroom, there need to be opportunities to openly explore and make explicit the multiplicity of views. through understanding diversity and individual identity skills, cultural and social contexts, their histories and future development, teachers have an opportunity to discuss other forms of literacy or knowledge. The right thing to do in objectives are: Encourage students-positive reinforcement; Get them involved-teach responsibilities; Offer incentives-expectations; get creative-class setting; Draw connections to real life-engage. These are much more accurate objectives to have a purpose for the course. Fun is not an aim but diversity and individual identity can be. Therefore; all weight should be equal to 100 percent in the components of learners grades such has classwork and quizzes, homework, text, projects and paper and participation. Calculate the average for each component and figure out each weight.]

[6th sub-heading. The diversity and individual identity is the essence of reluctant learners to established their own foundation]. [How much-movie- Understanding the role of identity is a key element in developing a community and student-Centre approach to learning. By validating learner’s identities, the education system develops its understanding of students, their knowledge and their social context. students are given the opportunity to build or maintain their pride, (S.W.P.B.I.S) or integrity while negotiating other forms of knowledge , literacy in work recognition, picture walk, arts and identity on their terms. A community-centered approach in school to learning works to understand the impact of identity on participation and develop pedagogies in partnership with community members.]