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“Webb Steele Limited

Artists: Rayon Edwards
Date: To Be Announce
Time/Date: To Be Announce
Name/Title: Rayon Edwards/ Visual Arts Educator
Contact Number: (1876)-278-2777
Job Description: Visual Arts
Company/Workplace: Webb Steele Limited/Virtual Home
Address: 21 Marverley Avenue Kingston 10
Art Creation/Description: Famous Poster/ Graphic Design
Dead Line For Completion: One Week Period
Email Address:
Source: Observation, Picture
Nationality: Jamaican
Country: Jamaica

Art Description

Title: Consequence
Artist: Rayon Edwards
Surface: Cartridge Paper, Chip Board
Description of Matter: Consequence of Poster Painting
Type Of Visual Arts: Graphic Design
Medium: Acrylic Paint, Poster paint, Chip Board, Markers, pen, inks, Cartridge paper
Size: To Be Announce

Border: To Be Announce
Frame: To Be Announce
Type Of Tone/ shape: Neutrals, Shades
Techniques: Elements And Principles, painting, Typography
Mailing Address: To Be Announce

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