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The Founder and Board of director, president and secretary Rayon Edwards have specialized education skills to educate many people in one place at one of the most exciting website in Kingston Jamaica.

Our specialty is Visual Arts Education. The Founder and Educator products and services created with the ingenuity and passion inspired by the fantastic knowledge, skills and attitudes of Jamaica itself. We take great pride in improving upon your favorite Jamaican Education course videos and lesson sessions in new and creative ways.

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The courses is a mix of Jamaica regional Visual Arts Education Courses & Education materials, and the Courses changes with the sessions or lessons per season.
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Sample Courses

Starter Pack

RE Vlogging And Visual Arts
Social media blog post and editing and installation of various ways to have your own blog or website.

Main Pack

RE Podcasting and Visual Arts
Podcasting is well positioned for ICT technology with streaming videos.

Dessert Pack

RE Yoga And Visual arts
You Can Have it your way in cooling down after an intense online lesson or session on the week end and relax in a new way.

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The Global Classroom-Rayon Edwards

Visual Arts Education is a specialized edutainment series of content made by Mr. Rayon Edwards our founder who believes in quality education. Mr. Edwards, education content will cover all the levels of education throughout his journey through life.

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