Secondary Education Level One

Rayon Edwards
( 1992 )

Rayon Edwards was born on September 10, 1992, in Kingston Jamaica West Indies at the
Kingston Public Hospital. Rayon Edwards was also a practicing accountant and black and white
artist whose work, was notable for its beauty, emotion and color, and highly influenced the 21 St
century art. He struggled with abandonment and remained poor throughout his teenager life and
virtually unknown throughout his young adulthood at 20-22 years of age.


Vision Statement:

A Global Classroom where learners achieve their potential; displays artistic innovations and inventions; driven by blended inquiry based on the community supported by digital visual arts skills and trained professionals in a hovering optimal illusion of space and time.

Mission Statment:

To teach and provide quality art education through visual arts digital skills approach in curiosity and exploration in students’ priorities in classroom strategies to become life long learners in achieving practical and theoretical skills for serving their global environment to accomplish excellent character and become well-rounded individuals extended beyond visual arts and their communities.

Cour Values:

Digital Skills:

The Global Classroom while hovering presents the chance to use digital skills in ways of applications software, web designing and hovering practices to enhance browsing capabilities to understand technology in a different way.

Integrity and diversity:

The Global Classroom community is a supportive and committed initiative towards individual and artistic integrity and inclusion. A wide range of ideas are promoted, respect and self-expression diversity in all its forms.

Excellence, creativity and passion:

The Global Classroom inspire with a focus on excellence while challenging the unconventional thinkers and support dreamers and action takers who are passionate about using their creative works to impact society.

Connections and collaboration:

The Global Classroom connect designs in performing visual arts communication and the individual portfolio, outcomes, expanding artistic possibilities and live through creative collaboration.

Term One

Teachers must constantly make reference to and collaborate with the resources and technology curriculum guide, in order to enhance the students’ knowledge of product design and technical drawing/design skills focus, will be on the elements and principles of design…

Term Two

Adequate measures should be mandated and implemented relating to graphic technology and other visual aids; ensure that an assortment of materials is available and a variety of textures, shapes, color, and sizes are used; encourage confidence and self-development that will enable the students to judge works of art, whether or not it is their own works done by other artists; teachers should also sensitize students about drawing to the various drawing media and guide students through their explanation…

Term Three

Recognizing the cognitive aspect of the domain in philosophical foundations in planning for students thinking skills; the measures should be mandated and implemented relating to specific aspects of unit-title; prepare to talk to the students about various well known artists and how they went being creative in using printmaking to express specific ideas; be aware of the content materials converted in grade four and six;…

” The Visual Arts matters because my friend and I learn something about people and places we would have never known otherwise. The visual arts makes room for newness and makes our brain and heart unite has one. Sometimes, parts of us are displaced by wiser things expressed through the arts and placed by intelligent creativity and originality in visual arts. And that is a fine thing…”


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