The Global Classroom-[…], would like to present educational institutions in Jamaica that may be features in historical buildings in some schools and universities, to empower learners for sustained social and economic development.

The Global Classroom-Educational Institution Systems.

The educational systems in Jamaica have been the historical background to facilitate positive change in our jamaican schools and society. These Historical features build the foundation of eduaction and make up a major part of who we become. A time will come, when it continues and the transitional process should reflect and deeper reflection in who continues to make our rich heritage remain, maintained, build and grow with development.


One man’s garbage is another man’s treasure.


“The School started in January 1882 in Manchester Pen near Stewart Town, Trelawny. It was the brainchild of Rev. William Menzie Webb. In 1891 the school moved to its present site and the main building erected, It now houses the administrative offices. The school is an all girls boarding institution and the only school which still has a hat as part of its uniform.”


“Hampton School, also known as Hampton school for girls boarding school located in Malvern, Jamaica. It was founded in 1858 with the funds received from the will of plantation owners Caleb Dickenson and Hugh Munro.”


“The school was founded in 1961 by the Jamaica baptist Union and named after William Knibb The ‘Emancipator’. The sugar mill in the foreground is one of three sugar mills found on what was formerley the Holland Estate in Trelawny. up to 1927 Trelawny was the parish with the most sugra factories and sugar cane estates. The school stands out as the former school of the Hon. Usain Bolt, International Sprint star.”


“One of the buildings which houses the Falmouth All Age School was erected in 1700. It was first used as a barracks for english soldiers and was named Fort Balcarres. The building was renovated in 1900 and converted to an Elementary School. Still located on the campus at the northern end are the abandoned cannons. Its original name was Barracks School”.


“St. Hilda’s High School was started in 1906 as a Deaconess Home High School, by the Anglican Church in Brown’s Town, St. Ann. The Elizabethan-style cut-stone buildings were erected in 1922 by Cannon Phillip Hall. The name of the school was changed to St. Hilda’s after Hilda Abbess of Whitby. The school is one of the few remaining boarding institutions on the island”.


“The Bethlehem Moravian Church preceded the college having been founded in 1833. The College moved there in 1888. The original building was destroyed by fire in 1954 and under the guidance of the then Minister and Principal the Rev. Basil MaCleavy the building was rebuilt and consecrated in 1967. The Building to the left, ‘Old Manse’ is the oldest building on the campus having been built in 1834 with the original church. It was used as the Minister/Principal’s residence and is now used as offices.”


“The Jamaica College Campus is owned by the Jamaica College Trust since 2000. The school was founded in 1789 making it the fourth oldest high school in Jamaica. The school was moved to its current location in 1885. The Simms Building in the photograph was built in 1885.”


“St. George’s College, Jamaica’s first Secondary Institution for Classical and Scientific education began its long and proud history amidst a storm of protest against Roman Catholic priest in Spain.
The College was founded in 1850 by twenty one Spanish Jesuits who had been exiled from Colombia as part of a religious persecution. Their head was Father Emmanuel Gil, S.J. a distinguished scholar and former court preacher to the king of Spain.”


“The Jamaica Teachers’ Association has been around since April 2, 1964. The Association Continued their journey in specific priorities until the late 1950’s.” See link below;”


“The Munro and Dickenson Free School now Munro College was constructed at black River in 1856 and in 1857 was relocated to its present location on the Santa Cruz mountain range. Its benefactor was Robert Hugh Munro who bequeathed funds in his will for the establishment of a Trust to build a school in St. Elizabeth.”


“Mico University College (formerly Mico Teachers’ College) was founded in 1835. It is the oldest teacher training college in the Western Hemisphere and one of the oldest in the world,rivalling the famed Battersea college in England. The famous Buxton Tower is to the left”.

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